I Love The Feeling Of A Young Man Moving Between My Legs Even More Than An Orgasm

Love Ranch Hellen Mirren 2010

My young 24-year-old friend is coming over at 6 p.m. today to “do his duty” with me. It’s been about two-weeks or so since I last saw him.  He’s been texting me flirting all morning, which is so cute I have to admit.

Right now he is the only source of sex I’m getting and I’m lucky that as young as he is he is receptive to my suggestions in bed.  Though I don’t know if I should categorize this as a plus, he is on a medication called Zoloft  that has an unintended side effect of retarding his orgasm but not his erection resulting in him being able to stay inside of me for a much longer period of time than normal.  And that is what I’m really looking forward to.

It’s hard for some men to understand this but for me, most of my enjoyment of sex is the sensation of being filled by a man and feeling him moving between my legs.  I can describe it to you in my limited vocabulary, but it’s really hard for me to convey my true feelings of this very intimate sexual act.

Now don’t get me wrong…I want the kissing, the cuddling, the fondling, and the wonderful waves of orgasmic pleasure that sweep over my body after my climax… Just don’t forget the long session of slow, relaxed intercourse.

Anyway, he arrives at 6 p.m. and I hope to be in bed with him  by 7 p.m. My husband is coming home late, so he probably won’t be able to listen from upstairs as he usually does.



My friend came over right on time and we pretty much got to the business at hand.  He came in, we talked a bit in the living room over a 7-Up and we went to my bedroom.

I directed him a bit during the foreplay and then he asked if he could give me oral until I orgasmed.  I prefer to have an orgasm with a man inside of me, but what the heck.  “Sure,” I told him as I got on my back, spread my legs, and watched as he took his position with his head between my legs.

If we were going to do oral, then I wanted it done right.  I gave him a few hints and told him where it felt good.  He did enjoy playing with my rather prominent pubic hair with both his fingers and his tongue, which I actually enjoyed as it has a unique feeling.  Since he started giving me oral early in our foreplay stage, it took a bit to get me really stimulated but he went on and on, hitting the right spots, and after about then minutes or so he brought me to a climax.

Since I usually can only come once, I knew this was it for me.  But as I’m not orgasmic centered, but rather I’m “intimacy centered” I knew I was going to have a wonderful time with him just the same.

We continued with the foreplay, and I was happy that he didn’t seem to be in a rush.  Though I don’t mind fast and intensive sex, sometimes I just want to relax and enjoy the moment we are physically joined together, as that is the intimacy I seek in any encounter.

When he did enter me, I was ready for him.

His slow, but steady thrusting between my legs felt wonderful.  I remember at one point looking into his face and smiling as we locked our eyes on each other.  I reached up, brushed his cheek, and let out a long sigh of pleasure, not necessarily from sexual ecstasy, but just from the feeling of content of having such a handsome, muscular, younger man in the prime of life who has chosen to be with me at this moment of time rather than some pretty young.  I know the reality of my age; no matter what others may tell me about my looks, I’m closing in on the ripe old age of fifty-five, which in another era would mean I’d be an honored elder nearing death.

So, as my young friend steadily moved between my legs, I just concentrated on the sensation of being filled by his rather thick penis and hoped this could go on for a while.

And due to his medication he is on that retards ejaculation but doesn’t affect the erection, I got my wish.   Forty-five minutes after he entered me, he finally made his release of a rather substantial amount of semen deep inside of me.  I was probably more happy about this than anything since the seminal fluids of a man tend to have an anti-depressant effect on me that lasts usually a day or so.

I did make him give me my after sex cuddle, which I told him was something he absolutely must do with his future partners and later his wife.  I assured him that doing this after lovemaking will go a long way in maintaining his relationship.

We just talked about various things for about an hour before he left at about 8:30 p.m.  After he was gone, my husband came down the stairs, which surprised me since I didn’t think he was going to get home until later.  He was smiling and said he enjoyed listening to my young friend’s moan at the end signaling he was coming.  My husband love to listen even more than watching, especially if the man doesn’t know he is upstairs.

The only thing that would have made this evening better would be if my husband could have given me a quickie and added his own sperm inside of me to mix with my friend’s semen.  He used to love doing that in the past; however, due to his health his erection quality is almost non-existent.   Though he feels sexually excited, his body won’t cooperate.  That’s a shame because it really would have been nice to end the night being intimate with my husband and the father of my two children.


Photo Credit:  Love Ranch (film) 2010.  Director:  Taylor Hackford.


One thought on “I Love The Feeling Of A Young Man Moving Between My Legs Even More Than An Orgasm

  1. Taste the Freedom

    Yes, the movement. Feeling him pushing me open and then the pressure of his manhood heading deeper into me. The feeling of him all the way inside me and against my lips is amazing. I love to wrap my legs around him which opens me more to give him all of the access he needs. I am glad when he can go for long periods of time (which usually follows his first orgasm inside of me). I love feeling the base of his penis pulsing as he releases his semen into me,

    I love how you write about this young man. I only wish that your husband could give to you what you need.


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