Weekly Sex Is Becoming A Regular Thing For My Young Friend And Me

I came home early  yesterday from work with a bit of a tension headache, so I almost said no when my young 24-year-old friend wanted to come over to “visit” to check on a part of my garden I’ve been working on. He’d been flirting with me all day using text messages, so at the end I told him to come on over. I do need to take advantage of this while he is still interested in me because I know this can’t last. Plus, it’s been sort of nice to have semi-regular sex once week now for the past month.
My sex life has been feast or famine lately, and though the sex is great when I get it I actually would prefer less explosive sex for regular good sex (if that makes any sense).
Well, he came over and we did do a bit of gardening but my headache was still there so I asked him to come inside my home and give me a head rub.
An hour later, he was on top of me pounding away hard and fast. At one point, I remember just lying there looking at him while he was on top of me. His eyes were closed, and his face had the look of pure concentration and his thrusting was hard but steady; for a brief moment, things felt so surreal as it was like I was watching a movie of a passionate love scene. He was in a sort of push-up position above me but he had lifted himself just enough for me to look down and see his muscular chest, flat tummy, and his thrusting hips.
Is this real? I thought to myself.
I just put my head back and returned to reality.
I soon felt my orgasm rising slowly within me and I knew I was going to come in a few minutes if he kept up this pace. I know of no better tension headache relief than an orgasm, as it seems to just wash away the pain and replace it with peace and tranquility. A woman’s orgasm is different from men (many younger men don’t seem to understand this). My husband often describes a male’s orgasm as a bomb blowing up. Like a real bomb, the explosion is massive, but quickly dissipates and leaves behind an eerie calm. I would describe my own orgasms as sitting on the ocean beach at the edge of the water as the waves wash over you.
My orgasms tend to last a long time but the pleasure diminishes with each wave, but once it’s over with it leaves me calm and relaxed – and wanting more. For a man, once their explosive orgasm is over, most just want to roll over and sleep (yes, I know that there are always exceptions).
Anyway, my ocean waves of pleasure swept away my tension headache leaving me relaxed and in peace. But my young friend was having issues with his own orgasm.
As I’ve said in the other postings, he is taking a medication called Zoloft, which doesn’t affect his erection quality, but retards his orgasm. He described it to me as always being on the verge of coming but just can’t quite cross the finish line unless he concentrates very, very hard.
Luckily for him, another difference between me and most men is that after my orgasm, I enjoy don’t want it to end. I absolutely love and yearn for just plain old intercourse after I climax. However, at this point my young friend was getting tired so I had him switch positions where I got on top of him for a little while to let him rest. I enjoyed his hands on my breasts as I moved up and down his wonderfully thick and still very hard penis. I just closed my eyes, tilted my head back a bit, and enjoyed the feeling of the fullness he have me.
We then switched to him behind me (I hate the term “doggy position, but that’s what he did I suppose) and I just enjoyed it all. I knew I wasn’t going to orgasm a second time, which actually took the pressure off things. I did tell him that I loved him inside of me but he could come whenever he wanted to since I’d already orgasmed.
He got me back into the missionary position but put more of his body weight onto me as he concentrated hard. It kind of hurt a bit at this point as I was a bit dry for some reason just as he was thrusting inside of me at full force. But I didn’t mind and I just held his head close to mine, whispered into his ear, “I love feeling you inside of me” (to encourage him), wrapped my legs around his waist, and held on tightly to him.
Finally, he told me he was coming, and I told him that I wanted him to come inside me (most men love hearing that – and I actually do enjoy the feeling of a man coming inside of me). About 30 seconds of hard, past, and deep pounding later I heard him grunting and then felt his penis pulsating as it went deep and knew he was releasing his semen inside of me.
Afterwards, we relaxed in the cuddling position I told him was mandatory each and every time we have sex. I’m trying to teach him good habits, and I know that his future significant other will enjoy this as well and hopefully marvel at what a considerate lover he is.
We relaxed for about a half-an-hour and talked. He still seems very interested in continuing to meet me as we are doing now. As I said earlier, this is the first regular sex I’ve been getting in a long while and I’m just going to enjoy it while I can.
Photo Credit:  Film:  Köksüz.  2013.  Director:  Deniz Akcay

One thought on “Weekly Sex Is Becoming A Regular Thing For My Young Friend And Me

  1. Taste the Freedom

    I do believe your young man might be falling for you. I am happy for you that you have this regular youthful attention considering what your hubby is unable to give. I agree with you that feeling him cumming inside of me; him planting his delicious seed deep into me is second only to my own orgasm. That sensation of his cock growing more and more hard. The stiffening of his body as he starts pulsing into me is so satisfying knowing that my body and my love has taken him to ecstasy.

    I love your posts!


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