Sex With My Young Friend Puts Me In A Very Relaxed Mood



My 24-year-old “friend with benefits” left not too long ago and I just felt like writing a little of what happened.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to get semi-regular sex as this was our fourth time in as many weeks that we’ve been intimate and it feels wonderful.  My tension is gone, and the slight headache I had when I woke up this morning that stayed with me (and almost made me cancel) was later flushed away when I orgasmed.

And as semen has tended to have an anti-depressant effect on me letting me hear the birds chirp jut a litter bit louder, I think I’m going to have a wonderful rest of the afternoon.

Yes, sex does wonders for me, and it always has.

As far as the intimate encounter, it was pretty much like the other three times.  He arrived, we talked in the living room, when I judged the time right we went to the bedroom and started.  I’ve been working with him on improving his foreplay, so we spent some extra time just kissing and fondling each other and teaching him a bit of self-control.

I let him give me oral but I stopped short of an orgasm because I usually can only come once and if I have a choice then I prefer to have mine while he is inside of me.

What sets him apart from most other young men is that he is on a medication that prolongs his orgasm without affecting his erection.  As a result, he can thrust like there’s no tomorrow, and I take advantage of that since I’ve always enjoyed having a man inside of me for a very long time.

I came probably within five minutes of him entering me and then I just laid back, and enjoyed myself as he gave me rather a hard and deep pounding for the next twenty minutes or so.

He was struggling a bit towards the end and I almost though and began to get frustrated.  I thought that he wasn’t going to orgasm but instead just stop.  If he’d done that I would have tried something else on him, perhaps oral sex to get him to climax.  He really concentrated and for about two minutes he was giving it to me very hard, and that did the trick because a few moments later he flooded me with his much delayed semen.

I made him hold me for about twenty minutes from behind when we were done to get him used to this for his future partners (guys:  women love to be held after sex).  We talked about what was going on in his life and a little bit of why he was on his medication in the first place.  Then, he got up, dressed, but before he left, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind coming again very soon.  He smiled and told me he would be here again.  I told him I wasn’t and then he showed himself to the door as I was too lazy to get up and I didn’t want his semen to leak out of me too quickly.  After he left, I just stayed in bed and relaxed not caring that I was dripping semen onto the bed sheets.  I’d worry about that later.  Right now I was feeling totally at peace with the world.

I’m on the couch now with my legs still up to keep as much of his semen as I can.  I used to do this when I was trying to get pregnant years ago with my husband.  Now I find that I’m trying to keep his semen inside of me for the wonderful feeling it gives me.  I mean here I am, a fifty-four-year-old woman filled with the semen of a man in his twenties.  It tends to make me feel a bit young again.  A fantasy, I know…but still…I can dream.


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