The Reluctant Seduction Of My 24-Year-Old Gardener


Well, the 24-year-old came for the third week in a row to help me with my garden.  He is a young man I’ve known for a while during our work volunteering at a food bank a few years ago.  He is a rather handsome young man who had a crush on me, but at the time there was no way I was going to get involved with him.

But we met a few months ago and we’ve kept in touch with texts a few times a week.  He actually volunteered to help me in my garden three weeks ago, and I sort of knew what this might lead to, but as he hadn’t made any lewd or vulgar comments to me and seemed genuine in wanting to help, I accepted his offer.

Nothing happened on that first week, though I could tell from his face and actions that he was in full lust mode with me, but was too shy to do anything.  I probably could have easily have seduced him; however, at the time I just wasn’t feeling like being a teacher to him, as I assumed he wasn’t that experienced and what I really felt like was to have some slow, relaxed sex with someone.  He just didn’t seem to fit the bill, so I didn’t pursue him.

He kept texting me during the week with flirtatious texts, but still nothing out of line.  He offered to help me again in the garden, and I accepted.  Again, I wasn’t feeling in the mood to be a teacher, but if he played his cards right and said the right things, there was a very good chance that we would have ended up in bed together.

He came that Saturday, and nothing happened beyond getting a good afternoon of work done.  I made him lunch, but he didn’t try or say anything to me.

I sort of felt sorry for him though.  I knew what he wanted but also realized that he was just way too shy and inexperienced to do anything about it.  I was after all a fifty-four-year old woman and he had no idea how to approach me.  I was tempted to see how far I could push things with him, but at the end I decided not to and he left that afternoon with just a hug from me.

Well, he continued to text me during the week. I talked to my husband about this and he encouraged me to just go ahead and put him out of his misery and take him to bed next Saturday if he came over again to help with the gardening.

I have to admit, but this time I was getting a bit antsy as my desire for sex was growing.  Due to my husband’s health issues, he wasn’t able to help me relieve my growing tensions, and this young man’s obvious obsessions with me was beginning to grow on me.  Maybe I could encourage things a bit more if he did offer to come to help for a third Saturday in a row.

Well, he did offer to come and I accepted.

When he arrive at my home  I could tell from his face the first two times that he was in full lust mode, but still carried himself a bit too timid for me.  After we gardened a bit,  I cooked him lunch, and then I told him we were done with the garden and escorted him to my living room so we could just talk.

We did a lot of talking that afternoon, and I learned much about him such as his likes, dislikes, and what he enjoys doing for fun.

We eventually got into the subject of sex, and I discovered that he’s not a virgin but had been sexually active with two previous girlfriends in college, though he is single now and has been for some time.  By now, I knew that more and likely we would be having sex that afternoon, so I became a bit bolder in my questions.  One thing I wanted to know was if he was sexually active, as I was thinking ahead about whether I’d need to use a condom with him (I hate condoms, but they are necessary for sexually active men).   He told me that it had been almost two-years since he last had sex.

Though I didn’t mention much about my actual sexual life that included other partners besides my husband, I sort of hinted that my husband had some health issues and had given me permission to do what I needed to get satisfied.  That was actually a broad hint I was giving him that it was OK for him to take things to the next level with me.  But he didn’t budge, though I could see from the redness of his face that he was really getting excited by this talk of sex.

I then placed my hand onto his leg and squeezed it.  He was wearing shorts and I suddenly noticed his growing bulge in his pants and his face getting even redder.  I decided to put him out of his misery and go for it.  I took hold of his bulge in his pants and squeezed it.  I thought he was going to lose it right then and there as he seemed to gasp for air.  His penis was quite easy to grasp even through his shorts, and I began giving him a mini-hand job.  He then reached out and grabbed my breasts and began fondling them.

I didn’t want to have sex on the couch, so I stood up, took him by the hand, and led him to my bedroom.

Once there, things went fairly smoothly and without words.  I went to my side of the bed, took of my clothing, but instead of jumping into bed as I normally do, I just stood there, naked as a jaybird, so my young friend could take a good look at me.  At fifty-four, I know the reality of my aging body, and I do have a fear of growing old.  I  suppose this was a test of sorts in my mind to see what my young friend’s reaction would be seeing my  my sagging breasts, my hairy vagina, a heavily wrinkled tummy from two pregnancies, and all my other body imperfections.

In comparison, my young friend was at the prime of his life.  As I looked at his  six foot two inch body that encased his  185 pound frame teaming with muscles,  enhanced by his flat tummy, penetrating blue eyes, and a very handsome face, I wondered what in the world he saw in me.  He could have any woman int he world.  What did I have that made him react so lustfully towards me?

The two things that gave me a sigh of relief as we stood there looking at each other was that he was smiling bashfully and he was sporting a rather thick, and very erect penis.

Whew! I thought to myself.   Despite my age and flaws, at least I knew I couldn’t be all that bad looking for him to react this way to me.

I admit that I do use the hardness of a man’s erection as a way to judge just how stimulated he is when he first sees me nude.  But I know the day will come  when, as I stand naked in front of my hope to be lover,  I see his hardness suddenly deflate in front of my very eyes as he realizes just how old and unattractive I really a.  Nevertheless,  today wasn’t that day and I knew that I was going to enjoy his hardness between my legs very shortly.  Now, the make my happiness complete, would he be able to maintain his erection during the foreplay and until the moment he enters me?

With that out of the way it was time to go to bed.  I got in first and turned onto my side waiting for him.  He joined me a moment later and we met each other in the middle, embraced, and started hugging and kissing one another like there was no tomorrow.

His hands and lips were everywhere at once as he tried sampling each part of my body.  He latched onto my breast left breast with his mouth quite early as he rubbed the only one with his free hand.  It felt wonderful as he seemed to instinctively know not to press or suck too hard.  I could feel his pure animal lust operating at full power, and realized that I needed to let off some of his steam or he would explode and finish way too quickly for my liking.

What I’ve found helpful in this situation is to just give them what they want as quickly as possible.  That way they can burn off some of their lust and be able to slow down for the next round in an hour or so.  So, what I do is offer them a quickie.  I tell the young man that he can enter and come inside of me as fast as he wants to as long as he promises to stay when he is done and give it to me again in an hour or so.  But he has to promise to take his time and do exactly what I say to do.

When I told my young friend this he quickly agreed to the terms without hesitation.  We did a bit more smooching and fondling for a few minutes in order to get me a little bit wetter wetter between my legs to allow for easier entry of his penis.  Since he was a bit thicker than normal, I thought this rather prudent so it wouldn’t hurt as much going in.

Five minutes having him in my arms was all it took to prepare my body for intercourse and achieve my desired wetness.  But just in case, I reached for the bottle of lubricant on my nightstand,  rubbed some of it onto his penis, then  between my legs, reminded him of his promise, and told him we could do the deed now.

I got onto my back, spread my legs, and told him to mount me.  To his credit he did ask about whether he should use a condom, but I told him that since he hasn’t been having sex then we wouldn’t need one, and that I certainly wasn’t going to get pregnant at my age.  That seemed to satisfy him,  and with that, he got on top of me, adjusted himself a bit, and then I felt his penis tip planting itself at my entrance.

Usually, I have to guide the young man to where needs to be, as most inexperienced men don’t have a clue of what to do next once they are on top of a woman.  Most will thrash around wildly until they find the entrance, but I don’t like that.  However, in this case, he either got lucky or knew what he was doing.  He  then lifted himself up high over me, and a moment later I felt his penis pushing inside of me.

I always enjoy the feeling of a man when he first enters me.  That’s because I usually experience a rather unique mixture of pain and pleasure that’s hard to describe.  The pain comes from the initial entry when his penis begins stretching open my vulva lips.  But then it mixes with the pleasure of the penis as it slides inside of me.  It’s sort of like putting salt onto something sweet, as the bitter saltiness brings out the sugary flavors even more to create a new sensation.

However, the pain was just a little bit more intense than I preferred due to his thicker than normal penis.  Luckily, once my young friend was deeper inside of me, the pain subsided, and I was able to relax my body.  But still, once he was inside of me all the way I told him to stop for a moment while I adjusted myself.  I wrapped legs around his waist, moved my hips a bit,  and once I felt comfortable I whispered into his ear that he could start moving and come inside me whenever he felt like it.  I figured he would last a minute or so.

He began thrusting deep and hard, which felt wonderful to me.   There is no better feeling than having a well-built man on top of me moving steadily between my legs.    I would gladly give up an orgasm if I could just have a man stay in this position for an hour or so and give it to me good.  But truthfully, if a man could last that long inside of me at break neck speed,  there’s a pretty good chance that I’d climax anyway.

However, most young men that I give quickies to don’t last for more than a minute or so.  I don’t expect them to as they are still learning how to control themselves.  However, to my utter amazement, my young friend not only lasted longer than a minute but also was able to keep up this fast pace for a good fifteen minutes of hard pounding.

Fifteen- minutes at full power thrusting in the missionary position isn’t an easy feat for many men depending on how much weight he puts onto the woman.  My young man kept most of his weight off me, as he was a very muscular sort of guy, otherwise he would have squished me.  So,  he kept himself in a sort of modified push-up position above me, to keep his weight off, as he gave it to me good, which meant that he was putting in a lot of energy to keep this position.

Fifteen-minutes of this steady thrusting pushed me near the edge.  I didn’t expect that to happen.  Therefore, I was surprised when I felt my orgasm rising within me; I almost held my breath wondering if it really was going to happen.

Finally, when I heard him say that he was about to come, that did it for me as it pushed me over the orgasmic cliff.  A moment later, he began releasing his semen inside of me and I was in heaven for a few moments.  There is nothing better for me than to orgasm and then have a man fill me with his wonderful semen.

As we lay there in bed afterwards, I asked him how he could last so long.  He replied that he has always been like this as it takes him awhile to orgasm.  “Even when you masturbate?” I asked him.  He was extremely embarrassed when I asked them that and he actually went a bit red in the face.

“Yes, even then,” he finally admitted.

We relaxed and talked in bed for about an hour.  I held his penis in my hand as we talked not really to stimulate him but to give my hand something to do.  But eventually, I felt him growing and getting harder and realized that he was about ready for round two.

We began again about an hour after our first encounter, but we concentrated on foreplay this time.  He was a bit deficient in his kissing, so I showed him how to kiss the way I liked it, and I showed him how to fondle a woman’s breasts properly.  I even took time to show him where my clitoris was, as well as where the other lady bits were between my legs.

After maybe an hour of hugging and smooching, he entered me for the second time that day.  It was a repeat performance except that he lasted about forty-five minutes inside of me, and he really had to concentrate to come inside of me at the end.  We did change positions several times.  The first new position was me getting on top, followed by doggy position from behind, and then me on top again. We even tried spooning with him behind me on our sides.  I enjoyed this position because he was able to simulate my clitoris while inside of me and he brought me to my rare second orgasm.

Finally, he took his proper place on top of me to finish thing (I prefer when a man is going to come inside of me he should be in the missionary position).

The last ten-minutes was some hard pounding thrusting, but I got the impression he was having trouble having an orgasm.  I was starting to get concerned and thought that maybe it was me.  I looked at his face and he had his eyes closed and was fully concentrating on the task at hand.  I usually don’t do this as I’m quiet by nature, but I decided to give an extra loud moan and groan to help him along.  That seemed to work and after about a minute or so of doing this he finally came inside of me.

He was so tired that he quickly got off me and collapsed onto his back.  I felt sorry for him and turned to hold him.  We didn’t do much talking this time and when he was fully recovered, we both got up, dressed, and he left.

I then called my husband and he came home where I told him all the dirty details.

And now you know it as well.


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One thought on “The Reluctant Seduction Of My 24-Year-Old Gardener

  1. Taste the Freedom

    That is such a lovely experience. I feel for you and your husband that you are not able to share this part of your marriage together. I wonder if my husband would be so understanding to be so generous with me. I wonder if I would be the same should I suffer health issues that kept us from being intimate?

    As you wrote, there is nothing like the feeling of his semen pulsing into me as I am having my orgasm. The feeling of his penis pumping combined with his body heat and his sounds of pleasure are absolutely exquisite knowing that he is taking such satisfaction in my body. Then, to feel his semen inside of me – that warm and tender gift of himself in me is the sweet reminder of his happiness. What makes this even more delightful is when he goes down on me to give me even greater pleasure after his fills me to overflowing, sharing the combination of our fluids in a sweet and very wet kiss!


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