I Feel So Much Better After a Man Has Ejaculated Inside Of Me

happy woman
The older I get the more I’m convinced how beneficial semen can be as an anti depressant. No, it’s not comparable to what a doctor can prescribe; however, semen does have some chemical qualities about it’s makeup that seems to at least give me a boost in my mood. I’m sure there are other things involved such as the orgasm as well as the intimate encounter itself. All I know is that when I have sex and the man releases his semen inside of me at the end, my mood is much improved the next day as evidenced by how I feel right now.
Yes, I got “laid” last night.
My husband surprised me by inviting an old friend of ours to do the honors and take over the conjugal duties that a husband normally provides to his wife. He often does this since he is unable to do this duty because of his health issues.
Anyway, it meant that I had sex last night, and it was good.
No, it wasn’t mind blowing sex but more like eating comfort food when you feel down. As I’ve been with this man many times before, we knew each other’s bodies and therefore could just relax and have some enjoyable “comfort food” style sex.
For about an hour and a half we cuddled, kissed, and I got one heck of a toe sucking (my favorite). He fondled and sucked my breasts and gave me a bit of oral, though I stopped him before he could give me an orgasm so I could have one while he was inside of me (I usually come once…twice on a rare occasion).
When he entered me I just melted my body into his and enjoyed the intimacy I so craved.
It’s hard to describe this feeling to men, as men and women are so very different when it comes to how we enjoy sex. Many men find it hard to understand that a woman can enjoy some wonderful sex without having an orgasm. The reason for this is that women don’t focus on one aspect of sex but the entire thing. Think of it like eating a banana split with the cherry as the orgasm. I can enjoy the wonderful banana split and never reach the cherry, and walk away still satisfied. While I know many men understand this, it’s still hard to convey the fact that I don’t always need the cherry.
But I’m happy to report that I did reach the cherry. I admit it was hard to reach for some reason. The foreplay was wonderful, he took his time, and he stayed in the missionary position the entire fifteen minutes he was inside of me. The saving grace was that he wasn’t wearing a condom, so when he told me he was getting close, I just concentrated on the growing pleasure deep within me and was close enough to the orgasmic edge for his release of semen deep inside of me to push me over.
And now, I sit here in my office at work feeling relaxed, even tempered, and completely tension free. I guess I won’t be needing my whip today to motivate my employees. No, today, I will respond to their questions with kindness rather than a whip.

2 thoughts on “I Feel So Much Better After a Man Has Ejaculated Inside Of Me

  1. TastetheFreedom

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Releasing inside of a woman is much more satisfying than it is into a condom. When the semen flows freely there is a deeper sense of connection and pleasure that takes place. The life force of semen (in addition to the chemical composition) adds to the lasting pleasure that lingers well after orgasm.

    What is even more satisfying is to imbibe the combination of our fluids – when my semen combines with her fluids, the mixture is an elixir that increases arousal and prepares us both for continuation of intimacy. I do feel better having ingested our fluids…there is something revitalizing that is carried within the semen and even more so when her’s is added.

    Lovely post!


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