How Women See Sex

Girl Class


Think of this as a sex education class for men.

I actually started this blog as a way to show guys (especially younger men) how to treat a woman when it comes to sex. Yes, women want sex but not in the same way a man does. If we both can learn how each one operates, then when we do come together both of us can be satisfied. One thing that some men don’t seem to understand is that vulgarity generally doesn’t work to stimulate a woman (always exceptions, I know). Slow seduction does. Now if men and women were completely the same when it came to sex, you would see very fast sexual encounters as the norm. If women truly did orgasm after every tenth thrust (as porn movies tend to portray) then you better believe that quickies would be the standard sex practice.

But something that many men don’t understand (again, always exceptions) is that women aren’t centered on orgasms alone. Intimacy is what we really seek after and an orgasm is just one small part of the entire sexual experience for a woman.

I’ve talked to many women who have never had an orgasm with their partner. You would think they would be miserable in their relationship. But many confide that they may have to satisfy themselves later, but they do enjoy the intimacy with their partner in such things as kissing, touching, and cuddling.

Now don’t get me wrong…I want an orgasm , as do pretty much every woman on the planet. It’s just that a woman can enjoy the sex act minus an orgasm if there is some level of intimacy involved as well. A man who walks into the bedroom, tells his wife to get on her back, he enters her, comes inside of her in a minute, and walks away, isn’t what I mean. That’s just plain awful. But if that same man spends some time kissing, fondling her body, perhaps hugging her,and perhaps makes eye contact with her before he does his one minute sex romp, that’s a lot better than the first encounter, even if it’s still a short amount of time.

My point is that men and women are different when it comes to sex and this blog is here to try to show the point of view of women.

For example, many are surprised that when a man first enters me it actually hurts a bit. Also, that I don’t orgasm each time and when I do I can only climax once (twice in a rare encounter).

I’ve had guys write to me assuring me that they can make me orgasm over and over again. I want to laugh because it’s just not going to happen and they won’t take my word for it. They assume that if they enter me and give me a steady pounding for an hour that I will have multiple orgasms. It’s true that I would probably enjoy having intercourse that long, but I assure any man that I’m with that I won’t  come over and over again just because you can last so long inside of me.

I know that many of the men reading this understand this and so this message isn’t for you.  But it’s good to be reminded now and then that if you want to capture a woman’s heart then improve your seduction skills. Remember, sex starts hours before you ever enter the bedroom. Holding the door open for her when you are shopping together means you are one foot closer to the bedroom.  Other things that might get you closer to the bedroom:

  • Talking to me, and making eye contact while we talk
  • Holding my hand
  • Giving me a single flower
  • Putting your arm around my shoulder while we walk
  • Giving me a quick kiss on the lips or cheek for no reason
  • Opening doors for me (this gal loves this most of all)

You get my point I’m sure.  These simple things above will have huge dividends later.

Remember that the next time you are out with your partner and think of me for a moment later that night while you are getting some rather passionate sex.

You’re welcome  🙂


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