My Husband To The Rescue During The Scariest Moment Of My Life




Scariest moment for me with another man…. Believe me, the photo above is exactly how I felt during the incident.

After we stopped swinging due to my husband’s health issues with diabetes, we started experimenting with how I could meet men.

One our fantasies was the idea of me being a “cheating” wife bringing home a man to our home while my husband was away on business. I was flirting with a man that appeared to be a nice man over an internet social media chat group (I won’t say which one) over several weeks and I basically let him “seduce” me over time. I didn’t tell him about my history as a swinger nor that my husband knew what I was doing.

I was able to get basic information about him over time and my husband used this to do a criminal and background check on him, and he came back clean.

Finally, I mentioned that my husband was going out of town for business and that I’d be alone for the weekend. He convinced me to invite him over, and I arranged for him to come over in the evening the next Saturday while my husband was supposedly out of town. Part of the fantasy of being the cheating wife was for my husband to listen to what was going on from upstairs but not interfere. We also figured it was a safety thing as well since he was a stranger that was coming over and in truth, we really didn’t know much about him.

He came over as promised and he did look like his picture and the video images he’d sent. Well, he proved to be very smooth and charming and I let him sort of “talk me into bed” by the end of the evening in my role as the reluctant wife not sure that she wanted to cheat on her husband.

Things went pretty good in bed and though the foreplay was a bit too short for my tastes, I didn’t complain when he entered me.
It actually was feeling very good when he suddenly pulled out and tried to enter me anally. That is something I won’t do even with my husband and I told him so. He then entered my vagina again and I thought that was the last of his attempts at anal sex, but after maybe fifteen seconds of hard thrusting, he pulled out again, reached for the bottle of lubricant on the nightstand, put some onto his penis (yes, he was wearing a condom) and tried to enter me anally again. I told him very sharply to stop but he ignored me. I tried to get him off me but he held me down and tried to force his penis into my anus.

I then screamed for help but he kept on going trying to push himself into where I didn’t want him to go. I was in tears at this point and screamed again for him to stop. Suddenly, the door burst open and my 220-pound, full of muscles, raging bull of a husband barged in with death in his eyes. I looked at the man and he had a look of horror at what was before him.

My husband went over to him, literally ripped him off of me, threw him to the ground, and began beating him. Though I took satisfaction at the beating the man was getting from my enraged husband, I also knew that it was probably too much. I got up while still naked, rushed over to my husband, grabbed his arms and tried to pull him back.

He was in full beating mode and I couldn’t move him. I then shouted out his name like only a wife can do, and told him to stop right now. He obeyed me in mid kick, and stepped back in ready mode. I looked down at the man who was bleeding from his face, and there and he was crying. I have no doubt that my husband would have beaten him literally to death had I not stopped him.
My biggest fear was that he was badly injured and my husband would get arrested. True, he did try to rape me, but the last thing I wanted was for the police to get involved. I ordered the man to get dressed and leave right now. My husband then asked me, “Did he rape you?”

“No,” I said truthfully, “he tried but you came in time.”

The bleeding man quickly got up, dressed as fast as he could, and began walking towards the door. My husband grabbed him by the neck, escorted him, and whispered something into his ear. I didn’t hear it but I saw the man nodding his head. My husband opened the door, turned him towards him, held his shoulders, and told him, “Remember what I just told you.”

And with that the man was gone.

I was terrified that the police would be coming to our home to arrest my husband. But nothing happened. I asked my husband what he told the man and he said that it was between the two of them but that I don’t have anything to worry about in the future. I tried to press him to tell me but he kept tight lipped about it. To this day I don’t know what he told him.

You better believe that I rewarded him later that night with some rather intense lovemaking. There is nothing better than having your protector holding you tightly in the spooning position while he moves reassuringly inside of you. At that moment, I knew that I was in good arms, literally.

After that experience we modified how I could meet other men. I’ve met a lot of nice men on Facebook, but you have to remember that I’m part of a team and the other half of the team is very cautious. So, when anyone on Facebook asks to meet me and we don’t have any prior relationship with each other, don’t push it if I don’t respond.


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