A Sexy Game That Couples Can Play


Remember the above scene from the movie Police Academy from 1984?

This is the scene where the commandant of the police academy is giving a speech in front of various important dignitaries from around the world.  A hooker had been placed inside a podium meant for a police cadet who was supposed to introduce some important dignitaries.  However,  instead of the cadet, the police  commandant took the stage and spoke first.  The hooker, who had been told to give oral sex to whomever was at the podium, poked her head out and did what she was paid to do.   It was actually quite a funny scene to watch the commandant’s reaction while receiving oral sex and having to continue on with his speech without letting the audience knowing what was really going on.

My husband and I had a modified version of this that we turned into a game.  What he would do was wait until I was on the telephone talking to friends or family (never our daughters though), and  he would come up, undress me, and start giving me oral sex.

The goal was to see how long I could keep on talking to the other person without giving anything away. It wasn’t too bad if the person on the other line was telling me a long story, because then I could just relax and enjoy myself.  However, if there was some conversation going on then it was much harder to talk in a steady voice. Most times I didn’t last very long and I found an excuse to hang up gracefully before I orgasmed.

Unfortunately, a couple of times I orgasmed quicker than I thought I would, and that meant I was in another plain of existence for a moment or two while the waves of pleasure were sweeping over me during my conversation.  Once or twice, the person on the other end would ask if I was still there or if something was wrong.  I normally had an excuse such as saying that  I was grabbing for something or I was walking around exercising while talking.

I did this to my husband a few times while he was on the telephone, but he had nerves of steel.  He was able to talk as though nothing was happening to him, even when his semen was gushing into my mouth during his climax (and yes, I swallow).  That’s probably why I didn’t do it very often with him as it caused him no discomfort at all.


Photo Credit:  Film Police Academy.  1984, Director Hugh Wilson


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