I Got “Lucky”Last Night


I got “lucky” last night and I feel so much better this morning. An old friend from our swinging days came over. Even though I haven’t had sex in a while, I didn’t really feel like it last night. I had a lot on my mind from work and had a headache. I was content with just talking and relaxing with my husband and our friend.

However, by the end of the evening things just seemed to fall in place and with my husband’s encouragement, which consisted of a smile and a wink, I ended up going to bed with our friend. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been intimate with him, so I sort of knew what to expect.

As I’ve found with many of my older swinger male friends, most seem to be able to do their duty magnificently as far as being long lasting and eager to please.  Often, I’m assured of some  great kissing, touching, fondling, and steady thrusting for a very long time.  I don’t know if it’s just because they’ve trained themselves over the years to hold back their ejaculation so they can have lots of sex with other women during a swinging party or if it’s just them getting older. All I know is that last night my older friend gave me exactly what I needed, which consisted of about an hour of steady intercourse in various positions.

And for me, there is nothing better than having a man on top of me as he happily goes about the business at hand.   Just that deep connection of feeling his body weight pressing on me and the feeling of a penis moving between my legs deep and hard is worth the price of the ticket. Everything else is gravy.

However, as much as I needed sex to clear out my tensions and anxieties, for some reason he just couldn’t make me orgasm during the foreplay and intercourse.  No matter what he did, including oral sex, I just couldn’t cross the threshold

What finally did it occurred at the very end when he  was about to orgasm and asked if he could come inside of me.  After telling him that he could, I held onto him even tighter and felt him going hard and deep when suddenly I felt my pleasure levels rising to the point of no return.  I’ve often found that the moment of a man’s ejaculation inside of me often pushes me over the orgasmic cliff if I’m close enough. This is especially true if he isn’t wearing a condom, as was the case here.

M friend still lasted a good minute or so of hard paced thrusting  before he came inside of me and when he did I came just as he was beginning to fill me up with his semen.  As the intense waves of pleasure washed over me, I could almost feel my tensions leaving my body and my headache fading away.  When we were both done I was in total peace with the world and absolutely happy.

Semen has also always had an anti-depressant effect on me, especially if I get it late at night.  It always puts me into a great mood the next morning and adds a spring to my step.  As I write this piece I’m still feeling wonderful and totally tension free.

Though my friend certainly enjoyed himself, I still think of myself as “getting lucky” last night.

Photo Credit:  http://ifightforthephoque.blogspot.com/2012/01/smooth-road-boring-drive.html


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