The Anti-Depressant Effects of Semen


One of the reasons that I enjoy having a man come inside of of me is for the anti-depressant effects that his semen has on me.  Combine the sperm released inside of my body with an orgasm, and you have one potent way of making a woman feel good after sex well until the next day.

I know that this doesn’t work for every woman, but it sure does on me. I’ve noticed this special quality of semen over the years and have even conducted little experiments to see if there were any differences when a condom was used. I’ve discovered that while I feel good after sex whether a condom was used or not, I tend to have a bit more euphoric feeling the next morning when I’ve had semen released inside of me that night before.

I’ve even felt good the next day even when I don’t orgasm, such a if I have a  “quickie” with my husband just before we go to bed or early in the morning.

And while it’s not a huge difference in my mental health, there is enough of it to make a difference in how I feel the next day as it does add a spring to my step, and I can hear the birds chirping just a little bit louder the next morning.




2 thoughts on “The Anti-Depressant Effects of Semen

  1. Yes, there are women who really love semen being ejaculated deep inside of them. For some, it is more a mental view towards the semen being a man’s special gift for them. Thus, for some women, it is not necessarily the actual anti-depressant effects of the semen but rather their mental attitude towards receiving it and accepting it inside of themselves that gives them an emotional lift.

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