Question and Answer Time #1



Answers to some of the questions I’ve been asked before:

  1. I prefer a circumcised penis to an uncircumcised one only because the head of the cut penis is larger (like a mushroom) and it stretches my vagina opening a little bit more upon first entry. This tends to give me a burst of pleasure if entry is made slow enough. After that, it doesn’t really matter if it’s cut or uncut.
  2. I don’t do anal.
  3. I only give oral sex to my husband and a few select men. This is because I generally don’t like putting a man’s penis into my mouth. It’s just not my thing.  Nevertheless, I will do it for my husband and a few others only because I know how much pleasure it gives them. I will also do it on a virgin only so he will know what it’s like.  And if I do it, I will swallow if he comes into my mouth.
  4. I lost my virginity to an older man as a nineteen year-old college student with a professor (not mine though).  I didn’t realize he was married  until one day during a rather intimate moment his  wife suddenly came into the bedroom after coming home from a trip early.  I lost a good pair of sandals that day after running out of the house having time to grab only my dress and purse.
  5. I’ve been married to the same man since 1984.  I have two grown daughters.  I’m also a former U.S. Air Force lieutenant having served in the 1980s.
  6. My family doesn’t know what my husband and I do in our sex lives. It’s a private matter between us and I don’t need anyone’s approval but my husband’s.  That includes my daughters.
  7. Missionary is my favorite position, as I enjoy looking into a man’s eyes when he first enters me and later when he is having an orgasm.  I also enjoy the secure feeling I get from a man on top of me as as he moves between my legs.  It’s like a comforting blanket (especially if he has a hairy chest).
  8. I hate condoms but they are an unwanted necessity. The only exceptions are of course my husband, a few trusted friends, and virgins.  It’s a shame though since I very much enjoy the feeling of a man ejaculating inside of me bareback.
  9. I enjoy teaching younger men (preferable virgins) how to make love rather than sex. My lovemaking course will last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. My goal is to turn out considerate young lovers for the future women in their lives.
  10. No, my husband doesn’t join in when I’m having an intimate encounter. At the most he might listen from upstairs. Many times the guy doesn’t even know he is there. It’s also a safety thing and only once I had to cry for help for a man that was trying to force anal on me. Let’s just say there was some A%@ whooping that day.


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