My Colorado Vacation With My Husband, a Male Friend, and Adjoining Hotel Rooms



My husband surprised me with a Christmas trip to Winter Park, Colorado because he knew how much I missed seeing mountains and snow.  We went with a male friend and stayed in separate hotel rooms, but they were next to each other attached to a locked adjoining door, which came into good use later on in the night.

After we arrived I immediately wanted to go for a walk in the small village and enjoy the snow.  It has been a long time since I saw that much snow and I was in absolute heaven as my husband and I took a long walk in the winter wonderland.

When we got back, it was fairly dark and we took our friend out for dinner at the hotel restaurant for a great meal and lots of good conversation. Our friend goes back quite a few years and before you ask, we’ve been intimate before many times in years past so we weren’t exactly shy around each other.  It’s hard to be tongue-tied with a man whose seen you naked, has been inside of your very private place between your legs, and has filled you with his semen.

When we returned to our room I took a long hot shower, got into some nice warm pajamas, and climbed into be with my husband to watch some local television.

After about a half an hour, my husband smiled at me and suggested that I go relax with our friend for a bit.  I sat there hesitating a bit as I was actually quite comfortable sitting in bed with him and to be honest sex wasn’t a top priority for me at the moment.  I knew it was going to happen though since the set-up was perfect, I just thought that perhaps he’d wait a day before suggesting it.  But after he smiled at me I actually felt a twinge of excitement and realized that maybe I was hungrier for sex than I realized.

“Shall I keep the door open?” I asked my husband.

“Just a crack maybe,” he said still smiling at me.

I then got up, slipped on my comfortable warm slippers, walked over to the adjoining room door, and knocked.  The door quickly opened and our friend was there smiling.  “Couldn’t resist,” he said with a smirk.

“I’m just here to borrow some sugar,” I said.

“Well come on in neighbor,” he said.

And with that I walked into his room, leaving the door open just enough so my husband could hear us.  We then both undressed, crawled into bed, and got at it.

The sex was good. I mean really, really good.  Think of a banana split with a cherry on top, two cherries in my case.

My friend is a wonderful and sensuous kisser, something that I’ve always enjoyed about him.  Of all the times we’ve been intimate together in the past few years, he has never failed in showing himself to be a patient and passionate lover, and that night was no exception. We spent the longest time slow kissing while our hands explored each other’s bodies. As he was slowly kissing his way down my body he skipped my vagina area and headed for my toes, which he proceeded to suck, lick, and kiss with gusto.  I love having my toes sucked as it sends shivers up my body and definitely gets me into the mood for more loving.

When he started to move back up my body he parted my legs and began sucking and licking in the spots he knew I liked.  He remembered that I preferred not to orgasm orally because I usually can only climax just once (sometimes twice depending on my mood), and if I get a choice of when I want to orgasm  then I  prefer to have one during intercourse.  But since he was taking things very slowly with me, and I was a bit more stimulated than normal, I thought that maybe tonight I’d be able to come twice as long as there was enough time between them. Therefore, when he asked me if he could bring me to an orgasm orally, I told him to go ahead.

I was surprised at how quickly I came, and I had to put a pillow over my face to muffle my sounds because of the family with children next door to us that I heard playing earlier. I didn’t want to do anything to alarm the children or have them asking questions to their parents like, “Why is that woman crying next door?”

When I recovered, we did some more kissing, and then he played with my breasts for a long  while.  Having a man fondle and suck my breasts really gets my juices flowing as far as pleasure goes, and I enjoyed having my friend taking my breasts into his gentle hands.

I was more than ready when he spread my legs and began mounting me.  He adjusted himself on top of me, and then I helped guide his penis to my entrance.   Since he was a trusted friend, we weren’t using a condom, which meant that I was going to be able to have the satisfaction of having a man fill me with his semen at the end, something that I really enjoyed.

With his penis tip firmly planted at my very wet entrance, I prepared myself for that very brief bit of pain that often accompanied first penetration.  It’s a strange experience that is unique mixture of pain and pleasure from the stretching open of my vagina lips. It’s sort of like putting salt onto something sugary, as the salt tends to bring out the flavor.

This feeling lasted only for a few moments until he was inside of me all the way and he stopped until I could adjust myself to deeply embedded manhood.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, held onto him tightly, and told him that he could start moving.  A moment later, I was enjoying the feeling of my friend thrusting steadily between my legs and it felt wonderful.

Most of the other times I’ve been intimate with my friend, he’d always enjoyed switching positions around throughout our encounter; however, tonight he stayed firmly planted on top of me missionary style the entire time.  I certainly wasn’t going to complain as this meant that I was able to get some steady and deep pounding; thus increasing my chance to orgasm a second time that night.

And it worked because after maybe five-minutes of intercourse I felt myself getting closer to the orgasmic ledge.  If he could just keep this up there would be a good chance that I would fall off that cliff and into the waves of pleasure. At the ten-minute mark his pace was still quick and hard, and it wouldn’t  take much more to push me off. Had I not come earlier I would have surely orgasmed by now, as I was so close but at the same time so far.  It could easily go both ways at this point.

What finally did it was that I remembered that my friend wasn’t wearing a condom and that he was on the verge of releasing his semen inside of me.  I’ve always had a huge fetish for being filled with a man’s sperm, and this simple act often made me come when he did.  And this is exactly what happened here when my friend told me he was about to come and asked if he could come inside of me.

“Yes, please,” I told him and held onto him even tighter.

Though I can’t feel the actual sperm at the moment of release, I generally can tell when a man is ejaculating inside of me.  It’s a combination of feeling his extra hard thrusting, the concentrated look on his face, a low grunt or two during his release,  and of course the pulsating penis during ejaculation.  Put this all together and I know when a man is in the processes of filling me, and that is what can put me over the edge if I’m close enough.  And that’s exactly what happened because as he was coming inside of me I was able to have my second orgasm of the night.

Then we were done.

He  stayed firmly planted deep within me for about a minute before rolling off me and onto my side.  He quickly put me onto my side, entered me again in the spooning position, and then held me held me tightly from behind.  My friend knew I loved doing this after sex and it often could put me to sleep.  He reinserted his penis inside of me only to block his sperm from dribbling out of my body,  as he knew I loved keeping semen inside of me for as long as possible.

And then we talked for the longest of times catching up with various things going on in his life such as his teenage children, life as a single dad, his job, and various other tit-bits of of his life.  I told him some things going on with my own life, and then reluctantly I got out of bed so I could return to my own bed with my waiting husband.

When I finally returned to my own room, I found the television on but my husband fast asleep.  For a brief moment I considered returning to my friend’s bed, but then my common sense kicked in as one of our strictest rules is that I can’t actually spend the night with anyone (with one exception) and no matter what time I’m done either I have to leave or the man does.  So, I turned off the television, took a shower, brushed my teeth,  crawled into bed with my husband, and went to sleep quickly.

We did it two more times over the next two nights.  It was a repeat performance both times, except that I only orgasmed once during each encounter.   Nevertheless, I assure you that I had a wonderful time both times, and I’m glad to say that not only was I filled both times by what seemed like a huge amount of sperm, but also I got to enjoy my after sex cuddle that put me into an even better mood as well.

What an enjoyable surprise vacation.  I learned how to ski (sort of), had a wonderful time in the snow, spent some quality time with my husband, and got a good smooching session with our friend before retiring to bed each night.

I’m ready for the next vacation.




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