My Lunch With an Old Friend Ends With a Foot Rub and a Trip to the Bedroom


My husband knows how frustrated I get when I don’t get some sort of sexual release every now and then.  If things get very bad he will often use our strap-on dildo and give me the relive I need to at least hold me over until I get actual sex from someone else.  Well, my husband actually called an old friend of ours from a few years back and found that he was going to be in Houston for the Christmas holiday and asked if he wouldn’t mind meeting me for lunch at our home.  Knowing what that entailed, our friend agreed and after calling me to verify a good time, the only one was the day that our daughter would be returning to Houston.  But since she wasn’t going to be arriving at the airport until the evening where I was going to pick her up, meeting our friend for lunch at our home actually worked out for everyone.

Our friend is something that I’ve been intimate with before several times a few years ago before he left Houston for a new job.  At forty-two, he’s twelve years younger than I am and still at the prime of life, if the photograph he recently sent me is to be believed.  But that really didn’t matter since he was someone I liked regardless of how he looked and besides, he had proven himself in bed to me many times, so I was looking forward to meeting him for lunch and then an afternoon of slow lovemaking.

Well, he came over as planned but my husband wasn’t there as he made himself scarce so we both could just relax.  I made lunch and we caught up on what we’d been doing the last couple of years.  Afterwards, we went to the living room to continue chatting as we got into the mood of the task before us.  Park of the way I like to prepare myself for sex with someone other than my husband was to have the man give me a good foot massage.  I absolutely love receiving them as they totally relax me and stimulates me at the same time.  A strange feeling but it works for me.

As we sat in the living room just relaxing to a wonderful foot rub, I began contemplating how much I was going to enjoy our intimacy together that would shortly be coming to past when my phone rang.   It was my daughter who’d taken an early flight to Houston  without telling me, and was at the airport. Before panic set in, she quickly told me that she was going to get a ride from her friend so I wouldn’t have to pick her up.  She said that she was waiting for her luggage and would probably be home in about an hour and a half.

Yikes!  What to do?

My afternoon of slow sex with my handsome younger friend was now shot.  But we still had about an hour before I would have to kick him out of the house to prepare for my daughter’s arrival.  However, my greatest fear was for her to catch me with another man in the house without her father present since she had no idea what we get up to sexually.

We ended up going to bed and having what amounted to a quickie. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to orgasm, as I was too unsettled and nervous to relax enough to be able to climax.  But still, it wasn’t a total bust as I still enjoyed the intensity of the moment of having my friend take me to my bed and give me some quick, but intensive intercourse.  I still got to enjoy my friend’s rather passionate kissing before mounting and entering me.  Feeling him moving hard and steady between my legs was a wonderful feeling as well and for a moment, just a moment, I began to feel the initial pangs of an orgasm slowly building up deep inside of me.  Had he been able to give me that steady thrusting for another five minutes I probably would have come.  But he too was nervous at the thought of my daughter suddenly arriving home, which would mean he would have to climb out the window to save my reputation.  So, he came far quicker than he normally would have.  But at least I got the pleasure of having him releasing his semen inside of me, since he wasn’t wearing a condom as he was a trusted friend.   Had I been just a little bit closer to an orgasm, the act of his release inside of me might well have pushed me over the orgasmic edge and into bliss.  Instead, I had to be satisfied with having my belly filled with his sperm instead.  But I assure the readers that being filled by such a handsome younger man was worth the price of the ticket.

After his release, he didn’t immediately pull out but stayed in position for a few minutes as he knew from before that I always enjoyed these few moments as a time of peace for me.  But I knew that time was getting short, and so  I told him that perhaps it was time for him to leave to avoid my daughter’s arrival.  He agreed and rolled off me before getting dressed.  I asked him if we might try and meet during the week and he told me he would really like that, so I said I’d call him later.

And with that he was gone.

I cleaned up myself and though I normally enjoy having a man’s semen inside me for as long as possible, I decided to take a shower and clean up so that no evidence would be left of my being intimate with another man when my daughter arrived.

What is sort of funny is that my daughter actually came home about 2 ½ hours later instead.  That actually would have been enough time for my friend and I to have a decent time in bed together had we know.

Oh well.


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