Ending Up in Bed With My Husband’s Work Colleague From Denmark – With His Approval


My husband brought our Danish guest home last night.

He’s been feeling guilty about not being able to satisfy me because of his health issues stemming from diabetes that he took the initiative and invited a rather handsome man who is here in Houston from Denmark for training at my husband’s company. He is an engineer, and from the photos my husband sent me, he is a tall, blond haired, blue eye, and overall well-built of a man. My husband told him a little bit about our lifestyle and convinced him to come over for a quiet evening with us.  He also hinted broadly that sex was on the table.  To his delight and surprise, the man from Denmark agreed to come.

I spent the day anticipating that evening with some trepidation and nervous happiness hoping everything would go smoothly.

When I arrived home from work, I prepared some snakes and then took a long shower and dressed in a black skirt and blouse.  I then got my book and read while waiting for him to arrive with my husband.

And no… it wasn’t a case where he came into the house, took me into his arms, and made passionate love to me while my husband waited upstairs.

It was a bit different from that.

There was lots of talking and a lot of nervousness from our guest who apparently wasn’t comfortable with my husband being around. Eventually, my husband took the hint and retired to his upstairs study leaving us alone.

Though that helped a little bit, he was still nervous and I felt things were a bit forced between us. I almost stopped it right then and there, but he took an unexpected bold action of rubbing my feet.  Things progressed from there, and it wasn’t that much longer before I got up, took his hand, and led him to my bedroom.

After a few moments of kissing him while standing up I asked him to take a quick shower. This wasn’t just to get him clean but to let me get the bed ready and to slip into my nightdress that I’d placed underneath the pillows beforehand. Though it was a bit see through in certain parts, went to my knees, and highlighted my cleavage, it wasn’t that sexy I thought.

I then climbed into bed, took out my iPhone, and surfed the net while waiting for my guest to finish showering.

When he came out a few minutes later, he was covered in the large towel that I’d placed near the shower for him. I took a long look at his almost naked body and he almost took my breath away. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for well-built, muscular men, and this man from Denmark certainly fit that image. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy bedding men of all shapes because I do. It’s just that a man with a well-muscled body has a certain amount of attraction to me.

My Danish guest stood for a moment when I saw him eying him before he came over to the the bed, dropped the towel, and climbed next to me. I turned towards him and put my hand onto his chest. And with that we began.

We spent some good time kissing, fondling, and touching my “vital” areas. His fingers found the magic spot between my legs and actually brought me to an orgasm almost before I knew what was going on. I was going to stop him because I generally can only orgasm once in any one encounter, though if it goes on long enough I can sometimes have a second one if my body has time to reset itself.

In this case, I didn’t expect to be so stimulated and by the time I realized I was quite close to having an orgasm I decided to just go with it. A moment later I came and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that swept over my body.

When I recovered, we relaxed a bit before continuing with our foreplay. It was then that I got to finally to “examine” his male member. No, it wasn’t super large nor did it take my breath away. To be honest, size isn’t really that big of an issue for me. As long as I can feel it inside of me and it can hit the right spots, I’m fine with pretty much any size as long as it’s not too big. My guest had a nice average sized penis that I was looking forward to feeling inside of me very shortly.

I think he was hoping I would give him oral, but that is something reserved only for my husband and a few very close friends (and for virgins as part of my teaching agenda). I actually don’t enjoy giving oral but I know how much men love it, which is why I reserve it for those select few. For strangers, there’s no way I’m going to stick their penis into my mouth.

After a bit more kissing and caressing, eventually, I realized that my guest had waited long enough and that it was time to go to the next level. I asked him if he wanted to enter me now and he nodded his head and smiled.

I reached into the night stand, took out a condom, ripped it open, and slipped it onto his very erect thingamajig. I then got onto my back as he maneuvered himself into position on top of me. I helped him find my entrance by getting his penis tip where it needed to be, then let go, and enjoyed the feeling of first penetration. this is actually a very unique mixture of pleasure mixed in with a tiny amount of pain from the stretching open of my vagina opening. My guest wasn’t that thick so the pain was very minuscule. Thicker men will stretch me open a bit more than I’m used to and the pain-pleasure ratio can change. As a result, every time a man first enters me is usually a different experience. As I’ve tried to describe it to others before, it’s sort of like putting salt onto watermelon or other sweet treat. The salt seems to bring out the sugar flavor even more.
Everything went smoothly at first. Once he was inside of me all the way he proceeded to pound away with some good hard thrusting, and I just held onto him enjoying myself. Unfortunately, he suffered from a case of good old-fashioned premature ejaculation as he came in less than a minute after entering me. I could tell he was in trouble after the first few strokes when I heard him muttering something under his breath, but it was in his native language. He then tried to slow down but he made that muttering again as though he were cursing when suddenly he started thrusting very hard and then he came.

It’s hard for me to tell when a man has come if he is wearing a condom. So, I was a bit uncertain what had happened so soon after we started. As he began pulling out of me it dawned on me what had happened and I was very disappointed.

The apologies began almost immediately after he pulled out of me. Of course, I told him that it was all right and not to worry about it. I mean what else could I say? He was extremely embarrassed and felt great shame. I told him we could try again if he wanted to in a little bit but he said that he probably wouldn’t be able to get hard again for a long time.

The only problem with my husband bringing home men who are visiting from other countries for training her in Houston is that they usually don’t have their own transportation. This was the case with our guest as my husband had to drive him here and was going to drive him back to his hotel.

I asked him if he would like to spend the night in the guest bedroom and perhaps in the morning we could try again. He politely refused, saying that he just wanted to go back to his hotel.

With that, he then got dressed while I told my husband that he needed to drive our guest back to his hotel. I saw the confused expression on my husband’s face as he realized something was wrong, so I whispered into his ear, “premature ejaculation,” and he nodded.

And with that, my evening came to an end.

I’m not upset in the least at what happened. However, I feel very bad for our guest and wished he would have spent the night so he could redeem himself in the morning: I would have made sure of that.

You can’t win them all.


Photo Credit:  Getty Images.  http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/video/man-massaging-womans-feet-on-sofa-stock-footage/79591277



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