Letting a Much Younger Man Seduce Me While at the Mall Food Court


I’m asked this periodically about how I went from swinging to meeting with single men without my husband present.  Well, here’s the short version:

My husband and I were swingers for years but we stopped several years ago when he developed diabetes because it gave him a rather nasty case of erectile dysfunction.  He could still have sex, but it was an off and on sort of  thing with him and he didn’t want to embarrass himself with other couples, so he stopped.

Up until that time, I was getting fairly regular sex either from my husband or others.  Most of what I was getting though was with old and trusted friends, which tended to make the sex very much like one would have with one’s spouse.  It was good, regular, but a bit predictable and boring at times.  That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself.  I absolutely did because in truth I’m not a very experimental person when it comes to sex or even other things.  I’m actually fairly predictable in my tastes in such things as food, travel, books, movies, and yes…sex.

So, basically the swinging lifestyle my husband and I were engaged in consisted of double dating with trusted friends for non-sexual fun.  And then when we returned to either our home or theirs we would relax and talk a bit before exchanging spouses and going to different bedrooms.  And the sex I engaged in during these swaps were not some wild sex orgy but very relaxed, sweet, and satisfying with a good friend.  Though many have probably read various accounts of what goes on during  swinger parties or swaps, what I experienced  was nothing like that.   It fit my introverted personality much better to do it this way.

And so, I was content in my life this way as it seemed to satisfy my growing sexual urges perfectly as I got into my late forties.

All that changed, however, after my husband became ill and his quality of erections became a real factor in his life.  I totally understood his embarrassment of not being able to get an erection reliably, and agreed  that we should stop meeting other couples for swaps.

Unfortunately, after several months of less and less sex for my growing appetite, I was beginning to get sexually frustrated for the first time in my life as my husband was unable to give me what I needed in bed.  He certainly was willing and did try his best but I was used to having much more sex than I was getting now.  And it coincided  right about the time I was about to reach my own sexual peak (men reach their peak in their early thirties while women seem to reach it in their forties). As a result, just when I was really beginning to enjoy all this variety of sex we stopped suddenly.

Thankfully, my husband came up with a solution.  He insisted that I  meet other men by myself.   Sounds easy enough but it was harder than one realizes.  Most swingers engage in sexual activity as a couple and not individually.  Yes, there are some who will play separately, but not in the circles we were in.  Either the couple were involved together or neither of them played.    We did have some single friends that I could meet with, but I suppose I was very much in the same mindset as my other friends in that I didn’t want to bed anyone else without my husband involved.

True, we had put aside this rule when I would go on business trips.  Not on every trip but now and then he would encourage me to  let myself get “picked up” by a stranger at the up-scale hotel I was staying overnight.  These encounters  were actually very exciting because of the element of cheating since the man assumed he was taking a married woman to bed.

But the idea that I could meet regularly with single men wasn’t something I necessarily wanted to do.  Nevertheless, I promised my husband to keep an open mind about it and if an opportunity ever arose,  that I’d grab for it with his blessing.

Well that opportunity came totally out of the blue one fine day when I was out shopping (my favorite pastime) at the Memorial City Mall in Houston, Texas.

Being a bit tired I went to the food court to eat lunch and to relax a bit reading a new book I’d bought on the history of Tudor England (I’m a history nut).  While I was sitting at the table in the corner with my feet up reading, a rather handsome young man came up to me, commented about my book, and suddenly I found myself talking to him about historical events during the time of Queen Mary I of England.   As we talked, I was taken back by his intelligence as well as his handsome features.  However, though I found him attractive, I in no way considered him a potential sexual partner because up until now my various sexual partners had all been about my age.

As we talked I found out that the young man’s name was Mark and that he was twenty-five and had recently finished his Master’s Degree in something to do with computer mapping (think Google maps) but he had a love for history.  Mark proved to be quite a charmer but I was sort of confused as to why he was taking so much time with me.  At the time, I was forty-eight and though I didn’t consider myself bad looking in any sense of the word, I knew what the reality of aging had done to me and I was under no illusions that I could compete with a twenty something year old girl.  So, I went ahead and not only admitted my age to Mark just in case his eyes were bad and that perhaps he thought of me as younger, but that I was happily married.

To my surprise, Mark didn’t flinch when I told him my age and marital status.

What happened next is still something I still analyze even today, because up until that moment I had no idea that Mark was trying to seduce me.  He was good though.  I mean very good at his attempts because he did it in such an unobtrusive manner.

So, with my insight on his intentions I decided to just relax and see where it went.

The hook came during our discussion of old books.  Mark told me that he had recently bought a very old book from the 19th century and offered to take me to his home to see it.  This was it.  The moment of truth.  Though there had never been any talk of sex or anything intimate, I knew what would probably happen if I accepted his invitation to his home.

Had my husband not been ill and had given me that talk about meeting other men, I probably would have politely refused his offer, excused myself, and return to shopping.  But I have to admit that the attentions of a handsome young man such as Mark was like a spring tonic for my old bones.  I’d never been with someone so young before with this great of an age-gap.  Would it even work?  Would he change his mind if he saw me naked?  I mean make-up and hair dye, and the right clothing can do wonders to hid aging, but being naked in front of a young man the prime of life was a bit intimidating.

However, I told myself that this was silly and that I was just going over to see an old book.  Therefore, I threw caution to the wind and accepted his invitation to his home.

As I followed him to his home, I called my husband, explained the situation to him, and asked what I should do if things went as I suspected.  He not only was fine with it all,  he was very excited about the prospects of a younger man bedding his wife.  My husband did do one smart thing that I would never have thought of as he instructed me to him the young man’s vehicle license plate, the name he gave me, and his address upon arriving for security reasons.  He also told me to keep him updated on what was happening through text messages.

We arrived at a rather nice looking apartment complex that was obviously fairly up-scaled and exclusive.  I parked in the visitors section and followed him to his apartment.    I didn’t know what to expect after the door closed, but to his credit Mark was a perfect gentleman and after getting me seated din the living room he got up some soft drinks before retrieving the old book he’d baited me with.

For maybe a half-an-hour, we got lost in our discussion over the book and about other old books in general.  Mark truly had a love for old things, such as I did, and it showed in his conversation.  As we talked, I took a good look at Mark.  I was impressed by his physique as he was quite muscular looking with a good-sized chest, and no beer belly.  Though he could be classified as a “nerd,” I suppose, from his looks and mannerism he sure didn’t seem like one to me.

How the next moment happened is hard to say as it went by so fast.

About an  hour after arriving at his apartment I found myself in his bed, flat on my back, with Mark on top of me moving steadily between my legs.  It felt so wonderful having such a young, powerful man so full of life and energy deep within my own.  As he moved in and out of me, all I wanted to do was wrap my legs around his waist and  hold onto his powerful shoulders.

The entire atmosphere of this moment was so electrifying and stimulating.   Part of it was that Mark believed he was cheating with an older married woman, which really seemed to spice things up for the both of us.  Secondly, due to my husband’s illness, it had been awhile since I had such a hard and erect penis inside of me, and I didn’t realize just how much I’d missed that.  But what really made things special was that I’d never been with such a young man before.  Having such a powerhouse of energy and vitality on top of me moving between my legs was very stimulating indeed.  As a result, it was only a minute or two after he’d first entered me that I orgasmed, and not the five to ten minutes it normally takes me to come from intercourse.

One thing that was a bit stupid of me was that Mark wasn’t wearing a condom.

Yes, later my husband and I would discuss this lack of precaution and make a rule for this sort of thing for any future encounters.  But this was something I didn’t worry about at the time.  For the moment, I just enjoyed the feeling of having such a strong and handsome man on top of me moving between my legs.

After my orgasm, I knew I wasn’t going to have a second one but I didn’t care.  I’ve always enjoyed the act of physical bonding with a man and often enjoy it just as much, if not more, than having a climax.  For me, the joy of having a man deep inside me as he thrusts in and out of my body is something that’s hard to describe.  It’s even better when I experience this with a new partner, and I found that it was an even better feeling when my partner was so young, fit, and strong as Mark was.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end.  Mine came when Mark told me he was about to come he asked me if he should pull out.  I wrapped my legs around his waist even tighter and told him that I wanted him to come inside of me.  He asked me if I was sure and I just nodded my head for him to go ahead.  Mark began thrusting hard and deep and a moment later I felt his penis pulsating deep within me and, along with his grunting, knew that Mark was filling me with his semen at that very moment.  I almost came a second time myself during his release.  Had he been inside me just a little bit longer I probably would have.  I’ve always enjoyed having a man’s semen inside of me, whether it belonged to my husband or one of our swing partners.  But with Mark being so young, as he was filling me I realized that I was being filled with a young man’s very youthful sperm.

As I  was walking to my car afterwards, I remember putting my hand onto my lower tummy where his sperm was still swimming around and thinking how lucky I was.  A young man found me attractive enough to take me to bed, share his body with mine, and fill me with his sperm.  For a woman with issues of aging on her mind, having a young man’s sperm inside of her was a huge pick me up and better than an anti-depressant.  I was now hooked.

A new door was now opened for me.


 Photo Credit:  http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-5229617-stock-footage-woman-reading-in-restaurant.html

3 thoughts on “Letting a Much Younger Man Seduce Me While at the Mall Food Court

  1. Taste the Freedom

    Aside from the risks and concerns I would have about having another man release his sperm inside of me, I agree that it belongs in there. I have only had one man’s semen in me and I have often wondered what that of another man would be like. Every ejaculation inside of me is an energy boost – with my husband’s renewable lifeforce that is carried into me from his body. I am addicted to having that within me and I fear the day should come that he no longer can give that to me.

    With this young man’s cum, did you discern a difference from the older men who fill you?


  2. Taste the Freedom

    OMG, I love the feeling of him releasing into me. I have often wondered what different men feel like when they release. I love knowing that my body and how I give to him gives him that ultimate pleasure. I love seeing the look in his eyes just as he is about to reach his orgasm. At that moment, there is a soulful connection where we break through the boundaries of our bodies as we begin to cum. When he starts to pump his semen into me, he is giving to me a part of himself that will exist within me. My body absorbs him and becomes a part of me. A forged bond created in a loving and tender moment.

    I know that feeling of feeling better from his semen. I get an emotional boost that lasts. There is so much in his semen that is more than just the chemical make-up. I love reading your posts, Natalie. You give me such an uplifting viewpoint on intimacy.


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