Teaching Young Men How To Make Love



I’ve taken the virginity of six young men. On average I take each one to bed between six to fifteen times over the course of one or two months. For the first few intimate encounters, no condoms are used. However, it is important to know how to use them as they are necessary in this day and age of STDs. I use them myself for most men and I tell these young men that they need to as well.

And that is why I will spend an entire lesson just on condom use such as how to put them on, making sure they don’t slip off during sex, how to exit a woman while wearing one, and most importantly, how to dispose of the condom properly. The last step is actually fairly important because there have been women who are so desperate for children that they have been known to take the sperm from a discarded condom that the man just put into the trash and use the fresh sperm to impregnate themselves. Unfortunately, the courts really don’t care how the woman got pregnant. If the child is yours then you are going to pay child support.

So, with that being said during our time in bed during this crucial lesson I will have several types of condoms to show the young man. I go over the type of lubricants to use and not to use including Vaseline, which tends to disintegrate the condom at the crucial moment. I show them lamb skin condoms which are actually very good but they don’t stop some STDs, only pregnancies.

Once they are familiar with the different condoms and how lubricant them then it’s time to practice putting them on. I will show them a fun technique where I put the condom into my mouth and place it onto their penis that way. Of course, there is the old-fashioned way where the man simply puts it on himself.

Once they practice once or twice, we then proceed to have our normal sex. After they come, I instruct them not to stay inside the woman too long or the penis will shrink and when he pulls out the condom might get stuck deep inside the woman.

After they safely exit my body, I will have them put the condom on the table or the floor and then have our post sex cuddle (which is mandatory as far as I’m concerned). When we get up I tell him to take the condom to the sink and wash out his sperm by turning it inside out and making sure there is no sperm left inside before wrapping it up in a piece of toilet paper and putting it into the trash.

It might sound a bit silly to be this technical about it but it sure will prevent some future heartbreak later down the road.



Photo Credit:  www.dailytelegraph.com  (Robert Daly/Alamy)


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