Worst Moments of Sex

What was your worst Aw shucks moment during sex?

For me it was when I was 19 and was with a much older man who had taken my virginity several months before who had been giving me regular sex since then. He was charming, sophisticated, and handsome. The problem was that he was married but he forgot to tell me. It turned out that his wife was a professional woman who had been traveling overseas for her company, which my older lover failed to mention to me. They were actually rich enough to have a main house and a smaller apartment type home in the city I was going to college at.

As I said, he had taken my virginity and except for that first time that hurt like hell, the sex was very good. He was a kind and considerate lover that gave me my very first orgasm through oral, and later through intercourse (I was so sexually innocent I had never in my life even masturbated. Why I hooked up with him is another story).

He taught me the fine art of taking a man’s penis into one’s mouth and giving him pleasure. I really didn’t like it but I didn’t complain. The first time he came into my mouth I didn’t know what to do until he told me to swallow it. It was hard at first as the liquid had a strange texture and taste. But I did as asked and eventually just accepted that when a man came into your mouth you swallowed. It was a long time after that before I realized that I had a choice to spit out the semen, but by then I was so used to it I just kept swallowing, though I limited whom I gave oral sex to.

But my older lover did teach me much and I was very fortunate that I got to experience what good sex was like, which would spoil me in the future when I was with other men who couldn’t perform up to my lover’s standards.

Anyway, I was flat on my back with my older lover on top of me moving between my legs. He had been inside me maybe five minutes and with each thrust of his hips I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I just held onto him tightly and I recall how wonderful I felt at that moment. This was in my pre-children days so I wasn’t concerned about anyone hearing my sex noises, and therefore I was being a bit loud as I moaned and groaned quiet loudly as my lover continued thrusting.

Suddenly, I heard the door open and a woman’s voice say, “My God! What are you doing?”

My lover was a very large and muscular man who covered me almost completely, so I couldn’t see who had asked that question. But my lover turned around, pulled out of me quickly (one more minute and I would have come -what a shame) and screamed, “Sarah!”

I looked and saw my lover trying to cover himself with his robe while the woman pointed at me and screamed. I was horrified at the realization of what was going on that I was the “other woman” and the innocent wife just caught me in bed with her husband.

That bastard!

What could I do? My first thought was to run, and run I did. I quickly got dressed, but I couldn’t find my shoes so I just left them and ran out of the house barefoot. I was too shocked to cry, but there was plenty of time for that later. At that moment I just wanted to escape.

My lover tried to call me later and wanted to see me. I refused and told him that he should have told me he was married. He agreed and insisted I see him.. I told him, “Bastard,” and hung up.

He tried a few times to see me but I was determined never to see him again as he had humiliated me and his wife. I might have been a young naive girl, but I wasn’t one to want to hurt another man’s wife.


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