My Adventures in Love Making

I’m a wife, mother, and a former U.S. Air Force lieutenant who served in the 1980s who is now in her mid- 50s married to the same man since 1984. I love my husband without reservation and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Over time, my love of sex has grown and it especially became a raging fire when I reached my late 40s. Due to my husband’s health issues (diabetic which played havoc with his body) that started right about that same time, he has been unable to keep up with me.

I was perfectly willing to cool my flames of passion and be content with what he could provide me but he came up with a solution that has proven itself over the years. He allows me, under certain circumstances, to relieve my sexual tensions by bedding other men. We had a swinger background so it wasn’t as strange as it sounded. We tried it and it has worked wonderfully. I get my relief through intimate contact with other men and he supplements it when he can.

It has opened up an entirely new world for me almost by accident in that it has given me an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be seduced by unsuspecting me who don’t know of my arrangement with my husband. I even found myself being approached by much younger men who thought they were trying to pick up a married woman. I discussed this new path with my husband and he encouraged me to go for it to see what happened. So, when a rather handsome young man approached me I accepted his invitation for coffee and I found the excitement of a man trying to “pick me up” rather intoxicating.

I acted like the bored housewife looking for a tumble in the hay with a handsome young man and we ended up in bed together that afternoon for some rather intensive sex (basically a one-night stand in the afternoon).

He did feel a bit guilty at the end since he thought he was cheating with me and so I never saw him again, it opened up a new way of meeting people.

Afterwards, my husband and I set up some rules for me to follow for my safety but basically I was allowed to follow through if someone started talking to me and it looked like they wanted more than a cup of coffee.

Yes, there are some other ways I meet quality men to share my bed that my husband gets actively involved with, but still, I enjoy being “seduced” most of all because of the unknown element to it as many times things fizzle out and nothing happens when the man loses his nerve or he turns out to be a jerk.

So, enjoy my postings as I write about my various adventures, both past and present, in my life of searching for intimate companionship.


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