About My Blog

I’m a middle-aged wife and mother of two grown daughters and was married to the same man since 1984, though I’m recently widowed after dying form his health issues last year in 2017.  I’m a former lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force having served in the 1980s at the American Air Force Base at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom alongside my husband.

Today, I am in professional career and having raised my two daughters, they are now both college educated and on their own. My next goal is to be a grandmother and I assure you that I’m going to spoil my grandkids rotten 🙂

I live in Houston, Texas and am an avid reader and am working on my Master’s Degree in history. I love science fiction and am probably what you would call a Trekkie in that I love all things Star Trek. And yes, I prefer Captain Kirk over any of the other star ship captains any day of the week.

I say all this to show just how normal I am. If you saw me walking down the street you wouldn’t have any clue as to what my husband and I get up to in our sexual lives. For you see, for many years we were swingers in that we swapped with other couples and took the other spouse to bed. Many a times I was flat on my back with another woman’s husband on top of me thrusting with all of his might between my legs.

I know…I know. That’s shocking! Absolutely shocking!

And wait until you read about what we get up to today in our more mature years.  For you see, my husband has been suffering with some health issues that have a root cause  from his diabetes that he has been suffering from for several years now.  One result is a rather severe case of erectile dysfunction.   It made such things as swinging impossible, though we really weren’t practicing it all that much anymore.  We still had a few good friends that we swapped with; however, they were turning more into good chats over a BBQ or dinner than anything else.  But his health put an end to this for him permanently.

However, as you will see from my adventures in this blog, it didn’t put an end to my own sex life.   My husband was unwilling and told me this with a very stern tone, that he expected me to continue meeting other men by myself.  And since his own decline in sex had come at the very moment of my own peaking sexual desires, I didn’t resist very much and as a result I began a new way of life that had some unintended consequences (good ones) that I never would have thought possible at my own advancing years.

You will read all about my adventures and what these consequences were in due time.  Well, that is if you read my blog as it  documents my life in the world of this new world of sex that I was about to enter.

I want the readers to understand what it is that makes me tick and what goes through my head during these rather intimate moments in the arms of another man.

If you are curious, then sit back and relax and prepare yourself for one heck of a journey.

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to Natalie’s blog.